Product Introduction

The MicroMaster is a versatile UV laser writer with high precision components, specifically designed to give the user the highest degree of freedom to create micro structures in photo sensitive layers.

he MicroMaster base system is a fully operating system. It includes a 405 nm optical module capable of writing structures as small as 0.8µm in photo resist layers.

This user friendly tool supports up to 4095 levels of grayscale or pure binary mode and allows for 3D optical structures, surface structures as well as mask projects.

Real time laser controlled auto focus and laser intensity control ensure high quality imaging during the entire exposure process.
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  • The full optical path is contained in a small easily changeable module (optical module). By keeping the optical path as short as possible, the pointing stability is greatly increased compared to traditional optical setups.

  • The optical module contains a long lifetime 405 nm GaN laser diode and beam shaping optics for the best spot shape.

  • Together with SIMAX’s proprietary high NA objective lens this results in the smallest high quality laser beam spot available on the market.



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