PicoMaster ATE-100


Product Introduction

PicoMaster ATE-100 uses light source 405 nm laser diode with 300 nm resolution. The light source can be upgraded to 375nm laser diode, which will be more compatible with the i-line photo resist, so as to meet the needs of higher level applications.
Its spare optical modules will greatly reduce machine downtime. Its more user-friendly software design greatly improves the actual operating efficiency of users. It will be your ideal optical partner for scientific research, experimental development, and design innovation.
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  • The system uses 405 nm (up to 375 nm) laser source to expose on the photosensitive layer. There is no need to order or make masks. The pattern can be changed according to the user's design.

  • The system does not use mask, only need to glue on the substrate and then use UV laser focus for exposure. The standard operation method of the system is like a dot matrix printer, one line at a time.

  • The exposure of laser according to the designed writing line is similar to the working mode of laser cutting machine or plotter. Only single point system can write vector.

  • Using 405 nm laser source, the system can achieve up to 300 nm characteristic size.



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