PicoMaster ATE-200


Product Introduction

PicoMaster ATE-200 is a versatile UV laser writer with ultra-high precision components, specifically designed to give the user the highest degree of freedom to create micro/ nano structures in photo sensitive layers. The system uses 405 nm laser source to expose on the photosensitive layer. There is no need to order or make masks. The pattern can be changed according to the user's design. The system does not use a mask, only needs to be coated on the substrate and exposed by UV laser focusing. The laser is continuously modulated to the specified dose in the target area. The photoresist will change its chemical structure under laser irradiation. After exposure, it is easy to dissolve in the developer. Only part of the exposed area can form the target pattern.
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  • The system supports up to 4095 levels of grayscale, pure binary mode.

  • The maximum alignment accuracy of the system is less than 250 nm, and the uniformity of line width is less than 50 nm.

  • The system supports up to 9 “ substrate, 400 mm/s scan speed, 200x200 mm2 exposure area.

  • The system is designed in a fully enclosed structure, with the necessary components, control architecture and vacuum pump in the housing for quick installation.

  • When the system is connected to the air temperature regulator unit and the air conditioning is supplied, the built-in stack filters will produce clean cross air flow.

  • The system motion platform is supported by a mechanical vibration mitigation system, which will filter out most of the noise vibration to ensure the minimum vibration during operation.



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