PicoMaster XF ATE-500


Product Introduction

PicoMaster XF ATE-500 is a versatile UV laser writer with ultra-high precision components, specifically designed to give the user the highest degree of freedom to create micro structures in photo sensitive layers. With an output of over 1200 lines per mm the user-friendly holographic systems by 4PICO Litho provide excellent performance.

Our distinctive holographic design software PicoHLD supports many pre-installed holographic effects and calculates gratings & structures itself. The ease with which effects can be combined is astounding. Add your own algorithms and structures to customize your library and create perfection.
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  • Using GLV (Grating Light Valve) technology, high speed parallel direct writing of laser beam up to 1000 unit pixels can be achieved.

  • Build an independent design library, which can complete the highest degree of freedom of 3D lithography, and support standard image source, personalized 3D design source.

  • The solution of maskless Laser direct writing system with larger format can be customized.

  • When the gray writing function is turned off, the direct writing speed will be increased by 2 times for the same exposure area.

  • Under the direct writing accuracy of 0.5 μm, it only takes 28 hours for 0.5m x 0.5m gray-scale lithography.



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