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ASML’s PAS5000/55A, i-line wafer stepper with a 0.48NA Zeiss lens, has been the production tool for many leading 4, 5 and 6” fabs around the world for the past four decades.
The system has a “process in-depended” alignment system, for a superior production overlay. The small footprint of roughly 1m2 makes flexible placing in most existing fabs possible.
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Key features of the ASML PAS5000/55A i-line wafer stepper:

  • 15x15mm, 0.48NA water cooled Zeiss lens

  • Handles 4,5- or 6-inch wafers, operator changeable

  • 5-inch reticle handling

  • Direct reticle referenced, through the lens alignment system, zero-layer alignment

  • Process in-depended phase grating alignment system

  • High speed air baring wafer stage

  • Small footprint


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