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SIMAX SHANGHAI COMPANY LIMITED is a high-tech Sino foreign joint venture dedicated to the design, research and development, production, sales and service of high-precision semiconductor equipment. We focus on providing customers with picomaster Maskless Laser Direct Writing lithography machine, including equipment installation, process improvement, software development, and optional coating, development and cleaning equipment. Our products and services are mainly used in holographic anti-counterfeiting, semiconductor, micro nano optical devices, mask making, optical diffraction devices, microfluidic chips, MEMS devices and other fields.

The company is registered in China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone, with a technical service center in Shanghai and a production and R & D center in the Netherlands. Its parent company is simax Asia Pacific Limited registered in Hong Kong. We have set up demo centers in Shenzhen and Wuhan in 2019 and 2020 respectively, and the Shanghai demo center has been built and put into use in March 2021. The demo center will play an important role in the development of 3D lithography software, customized design and process improvement.

We take "quality creates value, service realizes win-win" as our business philosophy. Through advanced technology, strict quality control, to provide customers with complete high-quality solutions.

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  • Shanghai
  • Wuhan
  • Shenzhen
  • Beijing

SimaxAT Demo Centers

We plan to set up 4 demo centers in China. The demo centers will play an important role in the development of 3D lithography software, customized design and process improvement.
  • East China (Shanghai)
  • Central China (Wuhan)
  • South China (Shenzhen)
  • North China (Beijing)
East China (Shanghai) - SimaxAT (Shanghai) Headquarters
has been built and put into operation in March 2021.
PicoMaster ATE-200 Holographic Origination System
Automatic gluing and developing process equipment
Plasma etching equipment
3D profilometer
Central China (Wuhan) - Wuhan University (Laboratory of Research Institute of Industrial Sciences + Public Experimental Platform) · School Enterprise Cooperation
has been put into use in December 2020.
PicoMaster ATE-100 Holographic Origination System
Gelatinization and development process equipment
AFM atomic force microscope
SEM scanning electron microscope
South China (Shenzhen) - Shenzhen NAMBDA · Strategic Partner
PicoMaster ATE-200 Holographic Origination System
Metallographic microscope measurement
Base plate electroplating
Film UV transfer printing
North China (Beijing) - (Preparation)


A new maskless lithography system, model PM-ATE500, and a new photoresist coater developer, model 5000A, have been accepted by H customer by the end of 2020.
These new systems are able to create 3D patterns on 500mm X 500mm substrates at 500nm resolution and at 256 gray scale.
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